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Our drive and motivation:

To assist economically disadvantaged women by providing a refuge for spiritual restoration from hurts, discouragement, and/or abuse.

"The gifts, talents, resources and time of our partners are used to provide opportunities for personal development, leadership among women, and spiritual growth – which contributes to the general welfare of home, church, community, and the world." - Alice Harris

Alice Nixon Harris


Flow Ministries, Inc. (FMI) faithful, like-minded, obedient worshipers is a 501 ( C)(3) non-profit ministry located in Prince George’s County, Maryland (PGCMD) and expanded in November 2022 into Johnston County, North Carolina (JCNC). The founder and president, Alice Nixon Harris, is a woman of purpose, power, praise, and faith.   

In 1995 Alice organized a weekly bible study to make disciples and provide a place of refuge and refresher in the workplace. After struggling for many years with debilitating depression, a divorce, and the responsibility of single motherhood, she purposed in her heart to help others find health and healing through the Word of God. As a result, FMI was born in 2004. The workplace bible study transitioned to a teleconference called My Heart to Your Heart and renamed Forward Movement Thursday, teaching the word of God with simplicity. After retiring from federal service in 2007, she continued ministering to women through conferences and mentoring.

After Alice returned in 2008 from a mission trip to Uganda, East Africa, the ministry expanded to include empowering women through scholarship. It began with a seed into the life of a young homeless woman who cared for her personal needs while on location. God has placed them in her path on the trip to Uganda; FMI covered her expenses to attend cosmetology school, completed her training, and is now married with children. The Flow Ministries Scholarship, renamed in 2008 as The Evelyn Nixon Hinton (ENH) Scholarship, continues to be awarded annually to high school graduates.


Alice graduated from Lancaster Bible College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biblical Studies. She is grateful to God for the women of FMI who impact lives in their homes, churches, communities, workplace, and worldwide. 



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